gotta represent.

Yesterday we spent a full eight hours at the Seattle Public Library in the special collections, ravaging the bookshelves for inspiration for the Spring 2010 line of Laser Nature. We are killing two birds with one stone this time - we wanted our line to have a specific Pacific Northwest Native American Vibe, AND we are participating with a few other local designers and artist on a project were we use the special collections to inspire us in our work. As you might notice, the girls did not notice I was recording them :D.

We are excited to announce that Naomi Parker, a Pacific Northwest Native American herself, is now working with FTI. Nome - as we lovingly call her - is going to graphic design school, is a founding member of "power craft" [a crafting club we all started], and is a member of the Nia Bay Mekah people.
Thanks to all the librarians who have been so helpful!

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